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          High quality hydraulic presses, punching machines and profile bending machines, all made in Europe


          Motorised workshop press

          Available from 30 to 300 ton, exclusively made in the Netherlands

          C-frame press

          For a wide range of press purposes / to incorporate in automated production lines

          Horizontal bending press

          A universal hydraulic press for bending, profiling and straightening purposes

          Portal press

          Available with a manual movable portal or a motorised movable portal




          We deliver our Profi Press hydraulic presses, Profi Punch punching machines and Profi Bend profile bending machines via our global dealer network. We have more than 100 dealers all over the world.? Together with our dealers we provide first class local support and service for our high quality hydraulic presses, punching- and profile bending machines.

          Worldwide dealers


          Our machines for every branch


          Customers from a wide variety of branches use our machines. Since we produce custom-made presses as well, our hydraulic presses perform their tasks in almost every possible branche

          Presses for automotive industryMany of our C-frame presses are being used for developing and testing parts in the automotive industry.

          Presses for truck industryThis workshop press is used to press wheel bearings in and out.?

          Press for aviation industryThis press line is used to press and form toilet doors of airplanes.


          Last hydraulic press delivery of 2019

          This morning our last hydraulic press delivery of 2019 took place.The customer came to collect this portal press and workshop press by himself with his own truck. We look back on a succesful year with a lot of hydraulic press deliveries! Next Monday and Tuesday (23th...

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          Ready for shipment: 300 ton production press

          This 300 ton Profi Press is ready for delivery! Please take a moment to have a good look and appreciate it. Do you see that finishing touch?! We are proud to offer these high quality production presses in our program as well.     Our production presses are...

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          Visiting the FABTECH 2019 in Chicago

          This week our colleagues Rob and Tim Huberts are visiting the FABTECH 2019. This exhibition is North America's largest metal forming, fabricating and welding event. It takes place at McCormick Place in Chicago and it is an interesting exhibition for RHTC to visit....

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          ‘Be impressed by our PROFI PRESS’


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